Book: A Thousand Times

A Thousand Times coverEven though he’s hit bottom and begun the long climb out of alcoholism, private detective Charlie Street hasn’t come to terms with the demons who drove him.

Taking up a cold murder case with a big reward as a chance to fund his retirement, Charlie links up with Junior, a partner crazier than he is, and Junior’s mom, who was Charlie’s teen-age crush.

Junior’s enthusiasm to solve the murder complicates the case, and Charlie’s weakness for women threatens to destroy the love of the only woman who truly knows and accepts him.

For an addict, giving up the drug of choice may be just the beginning, and finding true freedom may be more terrifying than giving up the booze.

A Thousand Times is available in print, Kindle, and audio formats. Lane Wray, my son, who is also a professional actor, did the reading for the audio version.

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